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Workers’ Compensation Lawyers In Georgetown, SC

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Workers’ Compensation Denied? Not getting the medical treatment you deserve? Reach Out for Strong Legal Advocacy

The physical and financial blow you experience as a result of being injured on the job can be immense, and if your workers’ compensation claim is denied, you may be at a loss – with no idea where to turn for the help you need. Workers’ compensation is designed to cover injured employees like you, and an experienced South Carolina workers’ compensation attorney has the legal skill and insight to help you obtain the compensation to which you’re entitled.

You Are Not Alone

Although your employer is required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance for you and every other worker they employ, they – along with the involved insurance company – are invested in keeping settlements as low as possible, and this can include denying valid claims outright. In fact, workers in all the following fields – and beyond – have been in your shoes:

While each of these careers involves serious risk factors, virtually any job can prove dangerous. If your worker’s compensation claim has been denied, it doesn’t mean all hope is lost – a trusted workers’ compensation attorney can help.

Your Damages

The injuries you suffer on the job can be serious, and workers’ compensation is intended to cover the following legal damages – or losses:

Workers’ compensation removes fault – or negligence – from the equation. This means that you don’t need to prove your employer’s negligence, and in turn, your employer needn’t worry about fielding a stream of costly and time-consuming personal injury lawsuits. If, however, your claim has been denied, you have more work to do, and having skilled legal counsel in your corner is advised.

Act Fast

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied, the most important point to keep in mind is that acting fast is always in your best interest. Putting in a call to a formidable workers’ compensation attorney as soon as you’re able to do so helps to ensure that your case will proceed smoothly.

An Experienced South Carolina Workers’ Comp Attorney Is in Your Corner with over 30 years experience trying Workers’ Compensation cases

The practiced workers’ compensation attorneys at Oxner & Stacy Law Firm LLC in Georgetown and the Grand Strand of  South Carolina, have a wealth of impressive experience successfully turning denied workers’ compensation claims around – resulting in fair compensation that covers our valued clients’ full range of losses. For more information about what we can do to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call 866-586-0116 today.