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Truck Accident Lawyers In Georgetown, SC

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Standing Up To Businesses In Truck Accident Litigation

Because of the sheer size of a truck, wrecks involving commercial vehicles often cause parties in the smaller vehicles serious injuries. Drivers can experience a severe brain or spinal injury, as well as broken bones, lost limbs, disfiguration and wrongful death. The attorneys at Oxner & Stacy Law Firm LLC, offer legal representation that holds truck drivers accountable.

The South Carolina law firm’s attorneys are skilled litigators who use years of legal experience to their clients’ advantage — especially in truck wreck cases. These cases often require in-depth knowledge of commercial trucking in order to achieve the best possible results. Experience has taught the lawyers at Oxner & Stacy Law Firm LLC, that it is important to act quickly, examining materials like the log book and consulting with accident reconstruction specialists, medical experts and other knowledgeable professionals.

Prompt Response Is Important

Getting successful results in truck wreck cases is best done when you contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Commercial trucking companies aggressively defend these cases. Talking with a lawyer helps make sure that your rights are protected. It also means that someone is on your side, making sure that evidence is examined and witnesses are interviewed before critical details are lost.

The Personal Injury Lawyer You Use Can Make A Difference

Because each truck wreck is different, talking directly with a lawyer at Oxner & Stacy Law Firm LLC, is the best way to get accurate legal advice that works for your needs. Contact the law firm at one of their two office locations in Georgetown or Litchfield by calling 843-527-8020 or 843-235-6747.