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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Georgetown, SC

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Pedestrian Accidents

While traffic accidents put everyone at risk, pedestrians are the most vulnerable to serious injuries and devastating losses. When you’re out and about on foot – enjoying everything that the beautiful State of South Carolina has to offer – it’s important to recognize that there’s nothing to protect you from the impact of an accident and driver negligence, such as distraction and excess speed, makes pedestrian accidents far more likely. If you find yourself in the challenging position of having been injured by a motorist’s negligence, it’s time to consult with an experienced South Carolina pedestrian accident attorney

The Rules of the Road

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety reminds motorists that they owe a duty of care to everyone on the road, including pedestrians. Because those on foot are both more difficult to see and more vulnerable to serious injuries, drivers are warned to keep all the following in mind:

In other words, motorists bear a significant responsibility for the safety of pedestrians. Pedestrians, however, are also responsible for following all pedestrian traffic lights, signs, and signals and for proceeding with caution.

Serious Injuries

The injuries you suffer in a pedestrian accident can be life-threatening, and some of the most common include:

Your Physical, Financial, and Emotional Losses

The losses – or legal damages – you incur as a result of a driver’s negligence in a pedestrian accident can be immense, including in all the following categories:

Even if you share responsibility for the pedestrian accident that leaves you injured in South Carolina, you can seek compensation for the percentage of your damages that the negligent driver is responsible for – if they bear at least 50 percent of the fault. 

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The compassionate pedestrian accident attorneys at Oxner & Stacy Law Firm LLC – proudly serving Georgetown and the Grands Strand of  South Carolina – have the keen legal skill, experience, and resources to help guide your claim toward a favorable resolution that covers your full range of losses and supports your renewed health and well-being. Our accomplished legal team is on your side and here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call 866-586-0116 for more information about what we can do for you today.