Filing an insurance claim after a car crash

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2019 | Firm News

There are many steps to take after a collision, which can be confusing and overwhelming. This is especially true if there were injuries involved or if there is some confusion as to who was at fault. South Carolina residents may wonder how best to communicate with their insurance companies after a crash. 

Many people erroneously believe that their insurers will always be there for them after a crash or an injury. Unfortunately, this is not always true. Insurance companies are primarily in the business to make money. They may often take measures to keep their payouts to a minimum – even with their own loyal customers. They may resort to such tactics as delaying communication with claimants and hoping they will forget or give up on their claim; giving misleading information on the compensation they may receive or how to file a claim; or taking a long time to issue the compensation check. 

Knowing this, is there any way to expedite a claim or have the best chance of getting compensation? The following tips may help those who are preparing to submit a claim to an insurance company after a crash: 

  • Get pictures of the site, including damage to each vehicle involved, skid marks and the position the vehicles are on the road. 
  • Document injuries and get records of treatment from the hospital and doctor’s office. 
  • Call the police immediately after a crash, no matter how insignificant the incident seems. Law enforcement can help parties involved fill out detailed reports and get contact information. 
  • Ask for the contact information of everyone who was on the site, including police officers and witnesses. 
  • Report the incident to insurance companies as soon as possible. 
  • Stick to the facts, and be concise when speaking with insurance investigators; never say “sorry,” which a person may interpret as admitting fault, and do not offer too much information, which insurance companies may use against claimants. 

Preparation, organization and knowing what to do after a crash can save injured parties from a great deal of grief and hassle.