Tips for making your motorcycle more visible

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2019 | motor vehicle accidents

Riding a motorcycle comes with a fair share of risks. One of these dangers is the fact that drivers often do not see you. Motorists tend to only look out for other cars or bigger trucks. Many times, they do not notice motorcycles. This can easily lead to collisions, which can leave you far more hurt than a motorist inside of a vehicle.

While you cannot control how attentive other drivers are, you can take some steps to make your motorcycle more noticeable. Here are some tips for making yourself more visible on the road.

Wear bright safety gear

You may choose your helmets and jackets because of what looks good. But it may be helpful to incorporate some bright pieces into your safety wardrobe to make yourself more visually distinct. You do not necessarily need to wear bright orange from head-to-toe every time you ride. But it is a cheap and easy way to improve your safety.

Apply reflective tape

Another simple way to increase the visibility of your motorcycle is using reflective tape. You can place pieces on your forks, top of the windscreen or edge of your panniers. Another option is applying it around the rims, which can add a unique appearance to your motorcycle. This will not help you much when there is daylight, but it will essentially serve as a light source at night.

Be mindful of blind spots

Motorists have plenty of blind spots. If you ride your motorcycle in an area that drivers cannot see, you are only putting yourself at risk. Of course, you cannot avoid every blind spot all the time. But make sure you pass swiftly and position yourself in a way that all cars can see you.

Ride a bright motorcycle

Motorcycles are small and can easily go undetected. If you want to invest the money, you can get a new paint job or pick a brighter color when it is time to get a new motorcycle.