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How many falls are on the same level?

Many people assume that you need to be at a height to get injured in a workplace fall. This is a myth. You can get seriously injured in a slip-and-fall accident on the same level. Some people have even passed away from their injuries. Do not assume you do not need to think about safety just because you’re not using a ladder or working from an otherwise elevated position.

So, how often does this happen? It’s different for every workplace. Workers are exposed to different levels of risk depending on the jobs that they do.

As a way of illustrating the point, though, let’s look at the construction industry. Construction is well-known for the fall risks that workers face. They’re consistently a top reason for injuries and fatalities among this workforce.

While it is true that about 70 percent of these construction falls happen from a height, it’s important to note that a full 30 percent of them take place on the same level. These are usually due to workers tripping or slipping. A worker could trip over an extension cord, for instance, or slip on an uneven lip between two surface materials.

Now, the dangers are greater when working at heights. More falls happen that way, and they tend to lead to more severe injuries. But the statistics show that you cannot ignore other fall risks. And that’s only in one industry; workers all over South Carolina face significant risks in many other professions.

No matter how you get hurt on the job, it is critical that you understand all of your legal rights. An experienced personal injury attorney can help.