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Tips for driving in a school zone

Drivers always need to be cautious in school zones. However, now that the school year has started again, it’s particularly crucial not just to obey all posted signs and crossing guards, but to keep your eye out for kids who might run into the street unexpectedly.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, about 100 children lose their lives every year in this country while walking to school or walking home after school. Another 25,000 are injured by drivers in school zones.

If your commute to or from work takes you through a school zone, particularly during a busy time, try to find an alternate route. This may save you time and frustration. It will also help reduce unnecessary traffic in these areas.

If you can’t avoid driving through a school zone or you need to drop off or pick up your child, allow yourself a little extra time. The following additional tips can you avoid what could be a catastrophic accident:

Even when a car is moving at a slow speed, a collision can cause severe and sometimes fatal injuries to a child. If your child has suffered injuries in a crash, it’s essential to determine what your options are for holding the at-fault driver liable.