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Office hazards: A potentially dangerous environment

Even though an office seems like safe environment, there are still some hazards that could lead to you suffering serious injuries. Yes, some parts of an office-based life are more comfortable than working in construction or industry, but in some ways, an office is just as dangerous.

Take for example the risk of slip-and-fall accidents. These are the most common incidents in offices, and they account for the greatest number of injuries overall. Other common office-related work hazards include poor ergonomics, random acts of violence, electrical hazards, air-quality problems and poor lighting. Each of these hazards creates risks that could put you in danger.

Looking at ergonomic injuries specifically, you may be surprised to realize how badly someone can be injured with little physical impact. Sitting at a desk all day, for example, could put strain on the neck and back. A good ergonomic desk and chair make a difference, as do regular breaks and the use of adjustable equipment.

Fire risks also pose a threat. For example, if every employee in an office has a trash can under his or her desk exposing paper scraps, a single spark could set an office ablaze. Damaged wires, exposed power cords and frayed or exposed wires also pose a serious threat that must be addressed quickly.

Another risk to consider is due to poor lighting. Slipping or tripping over items left on the floor is common, but it’s something that’s avoided with better lighting and a cleaner work environment. If you are hurt, remember that workers’ compensation should cover your injuries.

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