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Cancer could develop after exposure to chemicals

You’ve worked in the industrial sector your entire life. Yes, you’ve come into contact with some dangerous chemicals during that time. You’re familiar with some of the risks in the workplace today, but you didn’t always know as much as you do now.

In some jobs, there’s a risk of developing cancer due to exposure to chemicals or materials. Approximately 12.7 million people are diagnosed with cancer yearly, and that number is only expected to grow with time. In many cases, these people are developing cancer in relationship to a job they once had. Some people haven’t worked for many years when they discover the damage has already been done.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in countries such as the United States and United Kingdom. Since many factors impact the development of cancer, it’s important to recognize that exposure to certain materials plays a major role in cancer development.

Individuals who develop cancer may have a family history of cancer, certain medical conditions or treatments that predispose them to cancer or may be victims as a result of exposure to cancer-causing agent such as air pollution or radon gas.

You may think that you’d know if a chemical had the ability to cause cancer, but the truth is that less than 2 percent of all chemical or physical agents processed or manufactured in the United States have been investigated or evaluated for their carcinogenicity levels. As a result, it’s actually extremely difficult to know if you’re being exposed to dangerous chemicals or products in your workplace each day.

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