22-year-old man killed in highway accident on Interstate 85

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2017 | Firm News, motor vehicle accidents

Traffic accidents are common, and it’s not unusual to see vehicles on the side of the road with rescue workers working hard at the scene. It’s a tragedy that people focus on things other than the drive when they’re behind the wheel; it puts them and others at danger.

Many crashes could be avoided if drivers chose to be safer. Take, for example, this crash that cost the life of a young man and injured a Miss Upstate representative. The couple had been driving on Interstate 85 in Georgia when they were struck.

They had been traveling south to the Luke Combs concert when the 22-year-old man’s Ford Ranger was hit in the rear by an 18-wheeler. The Ford flipped nine times before stopping.

The 22-year-old man hadn’t been wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the vehicle. The 23-year-old woman riding as a passenger suffered from two broken vertebrae and a broken hand, but she is expected to survive.

Although this crash was a tragedy, the family reported that the 22-year-old man was an organ donor and was able to help over 50 people through his death.

It’s wonderful that this family was able to bring something positive out of a horrible situation. These individuals were involved in a crash that never should have taken place. With better laws, safer drivers and enforcement, it’s possible to reduce the risk of accidents that take lives, like this one. If you’re hit by someone on a highway, you have rights, too. You can pursue a claim and make sure they’re held responsible.

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