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Multiple people hurt when pickup hits local hayride

Imagine going out on Halloween night to enjoy a local hayride. You and your kids pile into the ride, not worried about a thing. Then, out of nowhere, a vehicle collides with you. Everyone is thrown from the trailer, and now the once enjoyable night has become the scene of an emergency.

That is what happened in this case. In a horrifying 911 call, the authorities were alerted to a crash involving a pickup truck and hayride. The news from Oct. 31 states that the South Carolina Highway Patrol are investigating the crash, which happened close to the Malphrus Road intersection on Tarboro Road.

It was there that a 1997 pickup truck collided with a hayride trailer. The truck struck it from behind as it headed north.

When the emergency team arrived, it found that there were several people injured. A 21-year-old man had to be taken to the hospital for critical injuries. A 14- and 16-year old were also taken to the same hospital for treatment. Three other teenagers involved in the collision, aged 15, 16 and 18, went to a different hospital by ambulance. The news did not report the extent of their injuries. Some of the reported injuries included a broken jaw and fractures.

As many as 10 other people also received treatment after the crash, but they were not taken to the hospital. In total, 13 people were on the hayride at the time of the crash, not including the driver. The police have not yet said what they believe was the cause of the crash.

While the Halloween holiday can be a lot of fun, there is always a chance of an accident. When you or your loved ones are injured because of a reveler’s negligence, hold him or her responsible by naming him or her as a defendant in a civil lawsuit seeking compensation for your damages.

Source: The Beaufort Gazette, “‘I need ambulances now. Now!’ 911 calls detail scene after Jasper County hayride crash,” Caitlin Turner and Joan McDonough, Oct. 31, 2017