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The elderly are at their mercy; hold nursing homes accountable

The elderly are easy targets for those who would abuse them. They are dependent on those around them in many ways, which means that they’re easy to take advantage of. The most common form of abuse is medical abuse, in which the medical providers or caregivers don’t give the right medications or treat patients appropriately.

A good example of medical abuse would be if the nursing home did not have sanitary conditions. Another example would be if the nursing staff did not help your loved one take a shower or get to the restroom. If he or she is suffering from poor personal hygiene when you visit, it is worth finding out more about what takes place when you’re not there.

Although medical abuse is the most common form of abuse, the fastest-growing type of abuse is financial abuse. This can happen at the institutional level or personal level. For instance, if the institution doesn’t invest a resident’s savings appropriately, it can be accused of abuse. Likewise, a staff member who steals from a resident or convinces him or her to sign over a bank account would be accused of financial abuse.

As a loved one of someone in a nursing home, it’s up to you to check on him or her as regularly as possible. Although you want to assume that the nursing staff is taking good care of your loved one, that might not be the case. Take the time to investigate any unusual sights, sounds or actions, so you can make a claim against negligent or abusive medical providers. Our website has more on what it takes to prove medical abuse.