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22-year-old man killed in highway accident on Interstate 85

Traffic accidents are common, and it's not unusual to see vehicles on the side of the road with rescue workers working hard at the scene. It's a tragedy that people focus on things other than the drive when they're behind the wheel; it puts them and others at danger.

Many crashes could be avoided if drivers chose to be safer. Take, for example, this crash that cost the life of a young man and injured a Miss Upstate representative. The couple had been driving on Interstate 85 in Georgia when they were struck.

What should the air quality be like at work?

Indoor air quality is of the utmost importance in work environments. When there is poor air quality inside a workplace, employees could suffer from illnesses or diseases as a result.

Indoor air quality doesn't just refer to the number of toxic chemicals or particles in the air. The quality of the air also depends on things like the overall temperature of the environment, the presence of mold or chemicals, humidity or a lack of ventilation.

Multiple people hurt when pickup hits local hayride

Imagine going out on Halloween night to enjoy a local hayride. You and your kids pile into the ride, not worried about a thing. Then, out of nowhere, a vehicle collides with you. Everyone is thrown from the trailer, and now the once enjoyable night has become the scene of an emergency.

That is what happened in this case. In a horrifying 911 call, the authorities were alerted to a crash involving a pickup truck and hayride. The news from Oct. 31 states that the South Carolina Highway Patrol are investigating the crash, which happened close to the Malphrus Road intersection on Tarboro Road.

The elderly are at their mercy; hold nursing homes accountable

The elderly are easy targets for those who would abuse them. They are dependent on those around them in many ways, which means that they're easy to take advantage of. The most common form of abuse is medical abuse, in which the medical providers or caregivers don't give the right medications or treat patients appropriately.

A good example of medical abuse would be if the nursing home did not have sanitary conditions. Another example would be if the nursing staff did not help your loved one take a shower or get to the restroom. If he or she is suffering from poor personal hygiene when you visit, it is worth finding out more about what takes place when you're not there.

Your heart attack may be compensable under workers' compensation

It was a busy day at work, and you were on your feet much more than usual. You normally take it easy on the job, because you haven't been feeling well lately. With the added stress of the upcoming holidays, you figured you just felt unwell because of stress.

It wasn't long after you told a coworker you weren't feeling well that you passed out. You woke up in the hospital later that day. The emergency crew arrived at your workplace and discovered you'd had a heart attack. You won't be able to return to work for some time.

Be aware of the way pressure ulcers form

There are many risk factors of bedsores you should be familiar with if you have an elderly or aging loved one in a hospital or long-term care facility. Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers or pressure sores, develop when there is prolonged pressure placed on the skin. For example, if your loved one sits in a wheelchair without moving for several hours, the pressure on the skin on the tailbone could result in bruising and ulcers from a lack of circulation.

The body is designed to always be in a state of motion. Even if you don't notice, you're constantly adjusting and moving, even if you're sitting relatively still. Not being able to do that means the skin and muscles never get a break from the pressure and the body's circulation is hindered.

2 accused in crash that resulted in 2 deaths

Imagine driving down the road. You're minding your own business, but that doesn't stop a crash from taking place. Before you can move out of the way, a person on the opposite side of the road attempts to pass too closely to your vehicle. He hits you head on, causing a serious accident.

Head-on crashes are some of the most deadly, and this head-on crash resulted in multiple deaths. A second person has been charged with reckless homicide following a crash that resulted in two deaths. According to the news from Aug. 30, the suspect was involved in a collision when the 1998 Mercedes he was driving failed to safely pass a 2008 Dodge Avenger. They were in a no-passing zone at the time.

Preventing dehydration makes the elderly healthier

When your loved one is in a nursing home or hospital, it's important that he or she is drinking enough fluids. If he or she is not, then the nurses or doctors there should be willing to use an IV to make sure that your loved one does not become dehydrated.

Dehydration is a serious problem for patients, because it can make them weak and threaten their health in general. Severe dehydration can lead to bedsores, weakness, confusion, urinary tract infections and other health concerns.

Workers' compensation or disability: Which is right for you?

Workers' compensation is a benefit provided to you if you're hurt on the job. It is designed to be an alternative to taking your employer to court and suing for damages. Workers' compensation insurance instead pays for medical bills and other needs until you can work again, be retrained or need to be on disability benefits through the government.

State disability benefits give you weekly benefits if you're injured away from work but cannot work your job after the injury. You don't necessarily need to suffer a physical injury to obtain state disability benefits, and even though who have never worked have the potential to receive these benefits.

Are injured workers getting addicted to opioids?

If you get hurt on the job and require surgery or treatments for pain, you may be interested to know that the rate at which doctors are prescribing opiates has dropped. With a war on opiate abuse coming to a head in the United States, only those who truly have no other medical options may end up with these controlled substances.

States are approaching the drug-related issues by restricting and monitoring the use of opioids. In the past, they were overused and misused, leading to the concerns heard today. A study released by the Workers Compensation Research Institute pointed out that there have been decreases in the amount of opioids given to injured workers in most case studies.

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